LMK Awarded Pakistan Data Management Contract

Halliburton Company and its wholly owned business unit, Landmark Graphics Corp., announced that LMK Resources has been awarded a five-year E&P data management contract by the government of Pakistan. LMK Resources, a Landmark affiliated company, will archive and manage seismic and well data of Pakistan on behalf of the Directorate General of Petroleum Concessions, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Government of Pakistan, in Islamabad.

The Honorable Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Usman Aminuddin, remarked, "We are very excited about implementing PetroBank(TM) in Pakistan as it will serve to embark us on a new era of cutting-edge technology and propel our country into a league with a few select countries that have their E&P data available on line. We hope to further boost our oil and gas potential by giving companies fast and efficient access to valuable data."

"This is a great opportunity to show the synergies that arise from partnerships between global companies like Halliburton, forward-looking national governments such as Pakistan and emerging regional service providers like LMK Resources," said Dave Lesar, chairman, president and CEO of Halliburton. "This is also indicative of the expansion we are seeing in our data management business, driven by Landmark's acquisition of PetroBank earlier this year from PGS Data Management."

"LMK Resources was selected to market and promote all the E&P data of Pakistan because of the company's innovative technology, exceptional internal expertise and strong distribution channel for integrated service," said John Gibson, president and CEO of Landmark. "In this part of the world and the Middle East, there are tremendous growth opportunities in the demand for integrated technology and services as evidenced by this contract."

Under this contract, LMK Resources will install and implement PetroBank, the market-leading data management solution offered by Landmark and its data management services unit, GrandBasin. The scope of the work includes transferring 10 terabytes of seismic and well log data on line, which will run interactively from the Web-based Surf and Connect(TM) application provided by GrandBasin.

G.A. Sabri, director general of Pakistan's DGPC, reaffirmed, "Our relationship with LMK Resources has been one of mutually rewarding technology partners. The DGPC self-financing data management model is a success story and can be easily tailored for implementation in other countries keen to provide efficient and cost-effective access to their E&P data."

This contract will further enhance the ongoing relationship LMK Resources has developed with the Ministry of Petroleum for Pakistan. Installation and use of PetroBank will provide a unique opportunity for data management specialists in Pakistan to extend their expertise in oil and gas information management through implementation of this state-of-the-art technology.