Lexington Begins New CBM Drilling on Wagnon Lease

Lexington Resources reports that the next stage of drilling for Coal Bed Methane gas has commenced on its Wagnon lease in Oklahoma with the drilling of the Calleigh #4-2 well. The Calleigh #4-2 well follows the successful drilling of the Kellster #1-5, Kyndal #2-2 and Bryce #3-2 horizontal gas wells, completed in 2004. This is the fourth of up to five horizontal gas wells that are to be drilled on the Company's Wagnon lease. Drilling and completion time is estimated at under three weeks based on depths and protocols similar to those previously experienced in the Hartshorne Coal production target for other wells drilled on the property.

Any production derived from the Calleigh #4-2 well will utilize existing compressor, base infrastructure, and gas gathering systems previously established by the Company on the Wagnon lease. Surface infrastructure has already been sized by the Company to accommodate the lease's drilling requirements. The scientific, geophysical, geological, surface support, and drilling teams are the same as those previously utilized successfully by Lexington for other wells on drilled on the Wagnon Lease.

Other major companies drilling in the fairway are Williams Energy (WMB), Questar Corporation (STR), and Devon Energy Corporation (DVN) amongst others. The Company continues to assess and prepare its other CBM based drilling targets in the State of Oklahoma.