Duffy & McGovern Wins Several Cabin Contracts

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services (DMAS) has secured a series of new contracts in the Norwegian sector including a one-year contract to provide single occupancy cabins to Odfjell Drilling in the Troll field.

Single occupancy cabins are still a rarity in most offshore sectors, but the demand for single-man accommodation in Norway is growing as a result of recent pressure from the Norwegian authorities. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has increased the priority assigned to rest and restitution in its regulations in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents which are the result of fatigue among workers.

"Whilst single occupancy accommodation is not mandatory at present, new regulations issued by the Norwegian authorities in 2002 emphasised the need for proper rest and restitution among offshore workers," explains Duffy & McGovern commercial director Craig Russell. "Since that time companies in the Norwegian sector have been asked to draw up plans for improving sleeping conditions offshore, including making provision for personnel to sleep alone wherever possible. The Norwegian offshore industry is now clearly moving in the direction of single-man cabins as is demonstrated by the recent accommodation complexes we have been contracted to provide."

Duffy & McGovern has supplied one-man cabins to two major projects in the Norwegian sector in the last twelve months, both on the Troll field for companies working on behalf of Statoil. The modules have been provided on a rental and lease purchase basis, avoiding the need for significant capital expenditure.

The most recent contract sees it provide a four-man accommodation complex for Odfjell Drilling for use on the Deep Sea Trym which is drilling for Statoil. The complex comprises four single-person cabins configured to include en-suite washroom areas. The units are A60, fire test procedure compliant and comply with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO (International Maritime Organisation) regulations. The modules, which were delivered from stock within ten days of order to Bergen, have been designed with operator comfort and safety paramount and will house additional Odfjell personnel on the rig for one year during the drilling program.

Many permanent living quarters on board many more established rigs in the Norwegian sector are now also being adapted to single occupancy.

"Clearly, the operators in the Norwegian Continental Shelf are making moves towards single occupancy on a largely voluntary basis as part of the drive to improve safety and the working environment," continues Craig Russell. "As well as adapting existing permanent living quarters, which is an expensive process, much can be done through modular accommodation such as that provided by Duffy & McGovern. This additional accommodation can be drafted in on a rental or lease basis when installations need to 'man up' which reduces pressure on existing living quarters and helps minimise the need for cabin sharing or hot bedding."

Duffy & McGovern's latest single-man occupancy complex was the 24-man temporary living quarters comprising 24 single cabins, which was provided to Statoil's Troll A platform in July 2003 and still remains on board as part of a long-term rental contract.

In addition to the Odfjell accommodation contract in Norway, Duffy & McGovern has also recently been appointed to provide a unique galley module to Diamond Offshore Drilling in the Norwegian sector and an A60 engineering cabin to Powerwell Services in the region. The Diamond galley, which is being provided on a rental basis for up to two months to the Ocean Vanguard vessel, is a 20 x 8ft high specification A60 unit and one of only a small number of galley units of this kind available for rent. While the A60 20 x 8ft engineering cabin will be used by Powerwell Services for data acquisition services on the Erik Raude semi-submersible for the next three months.

The contracts with Odfjell, Diamond and Powerwell have a combined value of around NOK 700,000 (£60,000).