Lukoil-Perm Begins Production on Shatovkoye Field

Ural-Oil, a LUKOIL-Perm 100% subsidiary (operator of LUKOIL Overseas Russian projects) has brought on stream the Dolinskoye structure of the Shatovkoye oilfield, situated in the Ilinsky district in the North of the Perm Region.

The Dolinskoye reserves account for two thirds of the Shatovkoye field, i.e. 3.13 million tons of oil, of which 1.32 million tons is recoverable, and 1.15 residual. In the past the field was operated on the trial basis with 3 exploration wells drilled in 1992-1994. The production to date totals 168 thousand tons.

The drilling of the first production well began in the end of 2004. Oil was produced from 1.95 thousand meters depth, with the oil rate averaging 85 tons of oil a day. The Program of the exploration and trial operation of the structure comprised acquisition of 3D seismic, complete in 1995-1996 for the first time in the Perm province, appraisal and exploration drilling and geophysical survey of the wells in order to identify the structures more correctly, identify water/oil contact, correlate horizons and their reservoir properties.

The structure will have 21 exploration wells, an infrastructure and a system of reservoir pressure maintenance and oil transportation. The development program envisages that production will grow to a peak value of 100 thousand tons in 2009 and than level off to a plateau.