WesternGeco Conducts Q-Land Surveys for Kuwait Oil Company

Kuwait Oil Company has upgraded its Seismic Service contract with WesternGeco to include Q-Land(a) technology.

Following a successful Q-Reservoir(a) pilot study in the Minagish field in 2004, KOC has upgraded the 3D seismic acquisition and processing contract. The 6,000-channel conventional recording system has been replaced with a 30,000-channel Q-Land system for the two remaining survey areas, which will take roughly seven months to acquire.

"The Q-Reservoir pilot data at the Minagish field has demonstrated the potential of this new technology," said Mr. Khaled Al-Sumaiti, executive managing director, Exploration and Production Development, KOC.

The first survey, which began in November 2004, is a 750-square-kilometer exploration/appraisal project targeting the Jurassic reservoirs in Northern Kuwait. The survey is the largest Q-Land survey conducted to date.

The second project of 150 square kilometers over the Burgan field, the second largest onshore oil field in the world, is a pilot program whose main objective is resolution of the Wara-Burgan sand/shale sequence. Existing 2D and 3D seismic data have not provided sufficient resolution for reservoir characterization of this sequence.

"Q-Technology(a) utilizes the most advanced acquisition and processing technology to provide the highest resolution seismic data for hydrocarbon exploration, development and production," said Salem Elsayed, WesternGeco Middle East manager. "The Q-Reservoir pilot study enabled the Kuwait Oil Company to evaluate the effectiveness of this new technology and assess its potential contribution in achieving production objectives."

Q(a) is the WesternGeco proprietary suite of advanced seismic technologies for enhanced reservoir location, description and management.