Scalybutt-1H Well Completed as a Producer

Tap Oil reports that the Scalybutt-1H Well has been completed as a producer. The well is located in WA-25-L in the northern lobe of the Woollybutt Oil Field, approximately 1.6 kilometers west of the Woollybutt-2AST1 production well.

Scalybutt-1H has been sidetracked from the previously drilled Scalybutt-1 step out well and has drilled to a total depth of 3,274 meters measured depth. The well has been completed and tested as a horizontal producer and suspended in readiness for connection of production flowlines.

After being completed as a production well, it was flowed for approximately 20 hours to remove the completion fluids and cleanup the well. It is estimated that the clean-up flow achieved a maximum rate of around 7,500 – 8,000 bopd of clean oil through a 60/64" choke which is in line with expectations.

The Scalybutt-1H is now suspended and ready to be connected to the existing Woollybutt FPSO production facility via the Woollybutt-2 manifold. This now requires a subsea flowline and associated umbilicals to be installed and this is expected to be completed by July 2005 at which time the well will be able to contribute to production from the northern lobe of the Woollybutt Oil Field.

WA-25-L Joint Venture Participants are Eni Australia as operator with 65%; Tap Oil with 15%; and Mobil Australia Resources with 20%.