BG Group Announces Board Retirements

BG Group has announced that three long-serving non-executive directors - Keith Mackrell, Elwyn Eilledge and Dame Stella Rimington DCB - will be standing down from the Board at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting to be held on May 4, 2005.

Commenting, BG Group's Chairman, Sir Robert Wilson said:

"I would like to express the Board's sincerest thanks to each of them for their support and advice over many years. They have been on the Board during a period of great change in BG Group and contributed importantly to the Company's success."

Keith Mackrell, 72, joined the Board of British Gas in 1994 and was appointed Deputy Chairman in 2000. Elwyn Eilledge, 69, and Dame Stella Rimington, 69, joined the Board of BG plc in February 1997. In addition to his role as Deputy Chairman, Keith Mackrell has also served as the Board's nominated Senior Independent Director since 2001. Paul Collins, currently a non-executive director, has agreed to serve as the Senior Independent Director from May 4, 2005.

Elwyn Eilledge has served as Chairman of the Remuneration Committee since 2000. This role will be taken on by Baroness Hogg whose appointment to the Board as a non-executive director was announced on January 27, 2005.