Resource & OCA Team Up for Impact on Environmental Market

Environmental business group, Resource is joining forces with the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) to help companies win a share of the rapidly growing environmental market.

Set up in 2003 with support from the DTI and Scottish Enterprise, Resource was tasked with helping companies take advantage of global environmental opportunities.

OCA represents the UK's oil and gas contracting sector and one of its key objectives is to help members diversify and address opportunities in the environmental and decommissioning markets.

"The synergy between the organizations led us to explore the possibility of a closer relationship to the benefit of both sets of members, " says Melanie Hay of Scottish Enterprise. "Resource will become a part of OCA, offering its members wider networking and diversification opportunities and saving management costs."

Over the last 18 months Resource has been successfully identifying environmental challenges in the energy sector and helping members to convert them into business opportunities. Its mission is to connect environmental companies who have potential solutions with companies facing environmental challenges. The Resource vision will remain the same but be delivered within OCA.

OCA welcomes the move and chief executive, Bill Murray, adds: "In recent times our members have taken an increasingly pivotal role in the energy industry. The added expertise of Resource members will enhance our ability to promote responsible stewardship of our offshore assets, so that North Sea continues to be an important world-class province for many years to come.

Ms Hay says: "We have built some solid foundations for Resource and are confident that the next phase in its growth will be better facilitated by being part of OCA. The raft of organisations all competing for members adds to the argument for this tie-up which makes sense on all fronts.

"The increase in environmental legislation combined with an increase in public awareness, means that companies are adapting their working practices to ensure continued improvement in environmental performance. The energy sector is rapidly becoming a standard bearer for sustainable working and has embraced the challenge of diversifications. There are huge opportunities for OCA and Resource members in the near future."