Remington Oil & Gas Updates Gulf of Mexico Operations

Remington Oil and Gas provides an update on the Company's drilling and production operations.

Drilling Program

Listed in the table below are wells recently drilled, currently drilling or completing, along with wells that are scheduled to be drilled in the near term.

     Prospect         Category   W.I.%   Status/Spud Date          Operator
    East Cameron     Exploratory  60   Discovery-tested 6 MMCF/D   Remington
    140 #2
    East Cameron     Development  75   Tested 4,400 BOPD           Remington
    South Timbalier  Exploratory  50   Tested 9 MMCFE/D            Remington
    138 #1st1
    West Cameron     Exploratory  65   Drilling @ 8,000'           Remington
    147 #2
    East Cameron     Development  65   Drilling @ 4,500'           Remington
    185 A-3
    East Cameron     Development  75   Multiple wells-Drilling     Remington
    Eugene Island    Development  60   Drilling @ 7,500'           Remington
    154 #1
    South Pass       Exploratory  50   Waiting on Rig-Est.         Marathon
    87 Aquarius                        30-45 days

The Company's East Cameron Block 140 #2 exploratory well was drilled to test different exploratory objectives in an adjacent fault block to our earlier announced #1 discovery well. This well was successful and has been flow tested at a rate of 6 MMCFE/day. Platform construction is underway and first production is expected in the second quarter 2005. Remington operates East Cameron 140 and owns a 60% working interest.

Attic exploitation on the flank of a salt dome at the Company's 75% owned and operated East Cameron Block 346 field has resulted in development of new reserves in this old field. Using the Company's proprietary, reprocessed 3-D seismic database, we have identified multiple up-dip, salt flank drilling locations. Our first well encountered significant quantities of new oil reserves and has been tested at a rate of 4,400 barrels of oil per day. We have identified other exploitive and exploratory opportunities that will be tested with an ongoing drilling program that will continue into the second quarter 2005.

Remington has made a new oil and gas discovery at South Timbalier 138. The #1st1 well was drilled to 20,200 feet and found multiple productive pay sands below 17,000 feet. The lowermost sand has been flow tested at a rate of 9 MMCFE/day and is currently awaiting installation of a platform and pipeline. Additional drilling is likely for full development on this prospect. This well currently qualifies for deep shelf royalty relief and is expected to begin production by the third quarter 2005. Remington operates South Timbalier 138 and owns a 50% working interest.

Additional wells drilling include our high risk, high potential, deep shelf exploratory well located at West Cameron 147 #2 and three development wells. Following the same strategy employed over the past several years, we emphasize development drilling in the early part of the year to take advantage of optimal weather periods in the summer for installations of our facilities. We are currently waiting on the drilling rig for the South Pass Block 87 Aquarius Prospect and anticipate the rig's arrival in the next 30-45 days. Currently, we have four jack-up drilling rigs under contract and expect to maintain or increase this level of activity as the year goes on. Additionally, we have contracted a semi-submersible rig to drill our first deepwater prospect this year. This rig is scheduled for late in the year.

Production Update

Remington's fourth quarter 2004 production averaged approximately 113 million cubic feet of gas equivalents per day compared to an average 111 MMCFE/D for the third quarter 2004. The Company's annual production totaled 38.1 BCFE representing a 9.5 percent increase over 2003 volumes. Average daily production for the first two months of the year has been below our 2004 exit rate principally due to increased production downtime and delays associated with wintertime platform and pipeline installations. We estimate our combined first and second quarter 2005 volumes to range between 105 and 116 million cubic feet of gas equivalents per day with the second and third quarter volumes ramping up due to the addition of our development projects scheduled to come online over the next four months. The Company's goals for 2005 are to increase production volumes and reserves 15% over 2004 levels at economically attractive finding and development costs.