Tanganyika Spuds Third Exploration Well in Egypt

Tanganyika Oil Company reports that a third exploration well, West Hoshia-1, has spudded. The drill rig was mobilized from Hoshia-1 and rigged up at the new well location. West Hoshia-1 will be drilled to 2,200 feet to test the Lower Miocene Rudeis sandstone reservoir. The well is located 17 kilometers northwest of the Hana Field and 4 kilometers southwest of Hoshia-1.

The Company has completed drilling 2 exploration wells in the current campaign to date, Fadl-1 and Hoshia-1. Fadl-1 was drilled to a total depth of 5,612 feet and Hoshia-1 was drilled to a total depth of 5,941 feet. Petrophysical logs indicate a potential pay zone of 40 feet in Fadl-1 and 34 feet in Hoshia-1. The Hoshia-1 well is currently being completed with tubing and a downhole pump and will be tested in the coming couple of weeks. Fadl-1 is currently waiting for a workover rig to conduct a cement squeeze job prior to testing.

Gross field production from the Hana Field is approximately 1,900 bopd.

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