Petrolia Begins New Seismic Program

Since December 2004, Petrolia has been performing exploration and evaluation work on its Gaspesia property in order to determine the size of its principal hydrocarbon targets. Petrolia will soon commence the first part of this year's seismic program that will consist of 54 Kms of a total of 240 Kms planned for 2005. The initial survey will intersect seismic leads that have been identified in a government survey that was carried out in 2002.

Petrolia is an exploration company that holds twelve oil and gas exploration permits in the central part of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. These permits cover an area of 2,400 square Kms. Ten exploration leads have been defined on the western part of the Gaspesia property. The leads are based on the results of two seismic surveys that were carried out by the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources. Sproule Associates Limited of Calgary is Petrolia's primary technical consultant.

Petrolia currently has exploration capital of $ 2,700,669 and has no debt. The Company has 12,551,389 shares outstanding.