Royale Energy Successful at Caranchua Bay Natural Gas Field

Royale Energy

Royale Energy along with operator Brigham Exploration, has reached total depth on the State Track 257 #1 well in Calhoun County, Texas. The well was drilled from the gulf coast shoreline under Caranchua Bay, using extended reach directional drilling and encountered a net total of 79 ft. of natural gas pay in multiple Frio sands.

This is the first well of a program of ten wells that will redevelop a portion of the Appling Field underlying Caranchua Bay. A detailed study of the abandoned field was performed by Cawley, Gillespie and Associates, Inc. and showed a reserve potential for the program of over 33 Billion Cubic Feet (BCF) of natural gas.

This project is located within the Appling Field on state Texas tracts, underlying the shallow waters of the bay. The field was discovered in the 1950s and produced from multiple horizons within the Kopnicky and Peterson sand intervals. A new 3D seismic survey yielded ten drilling locations that are categorized as proven undeveloped reserves. Brigham Exploration operates the project with a 75% working interest and Royale Energy and its drilling participants 25%.