Fairfield Awarded Deepwater Seismic Acquisition Contract

Fairfield Industries has signed a contract with BP to acquire 145-160 square kilometers of seismic data across the deepwater Atlantis field in the Gulf of Mexico. Fairfield will acquire this survey late this summer using its new Z 3000 deep water nodal acquisition system.

"We are extremely pleased that our Z 3000 nodal technology has been selected to image subsalt formations underlying the Atlantis Field," said Walt Pharris, Fairfield's President and CEO. "We believe our multicomponent Z 3000 nodes, which are self contained and function autonomously, are perfect for reservoir imaging and 4-D monitoring in deepwater and congested field development applications."

The 900-node Z 3000 system, designed and manufactured by Fairfield, is comprised of individual self-contained nodes with no external connections or moving parts, thereby eliminating potential operational problems or failures. Each node is rated for water depths of up to 3,000 meters and utilizes flash memory and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery packs for cost effective operations. The nodes are deployed & removed from the seafloor by remote operating vehicles.