Roc Oil Spuds Cliff Head-6 Well

Australian Worldwide Exploration reports that the Cliff Head-6 well commenced drilling on February 27, 2005. Twenty inch casing has been set and the rig is preparing to drill ahead in 16" hole at a measured depth of 88 meters.

Cliff Head-6 is a deviated well located on the central horst approximately 1.6 kilometers north of the Cliff Head-1 discovery well.

The well has a proposed total depth of 1,481 meters and is expected to be completed in approximately 7 days from commencement of drilling, on a trouble-free basis.

Participants in WA-286-P are Roc Oil as operator with 37.5%; Peedamullah Petroleum (AWE) with 27.5%; Wandoo Petroleum with 24%; Voyager with 6%; and CIECO Exploration with 5%.