Aberdeen Company Achieves Break-through in Subsea Technology

Aberdeen-based DES Operations is launching new technology to the global subsea market which enables increased production on oil and gas producing assets.

Two years in the development with £2.5 million funding from 3i and the DTI, the patented Multiple Application Reinjection System (MARS) enables oil and gas operators to optimise production whilst minimising the current risks and costs associated with well intervention.

DES Operations is carrying system integration tests, at a subsea center in Aberdeenshire March 1 - 3 when oil and gas operators will be shown how it is deployed and operates on a standard subsea Xmas tee.

MARS is a universal interface which enables low cost, low risk processing, such as pumping, on new and exiting subsea wells. By using MARS full well-bore intervention or flowline decommissioning and re-commissioning are avoided. This lowers the economic barriers to achieving increased production.

DES managing director, Ian Donald, explains : "In the pumping scenario, MARS can be deployed on the subsea well system at any time during field life and will allow operators to increase production without well intervention or drilling risk.

"With oil and gas operators increasingly seeking low capital expenditure solutions to the development of new and existing fields, the market potential for MARS is significant, particularly in deepwater regions.

"We are currently focussed on pumping opportunities, however MARS is a universal work platform which enables other subsea processing elements, such as separation or metering, to be simply deployed throughout the life of field."

Early adoption of MARS allows flexibility to be designed into the field architecture. Unnecessary expense associated with contingency infrastructure can be eliminated as MARS can be retro-fitted onto any well, thereby ensuring that the subsea infrastructure is future-proofed.

Over 60 asset managers and subsea specialists from global operating and service companies will attend MARS system integration tests March, 1 - 3, 2005 at Hydrafit Subsea Center, near Aberdeen.