BP Announces Clair First Oil

BP, on behalf of the Clair field Partners, announced that oil has begun flowing from the Clair field, 47 miles west of Shetland on February 24th

Initial production is through the original appraisal well which has now been successfully brought online. It is planned that production will build up to a plateau of 60,000 barrels per day through a continuous platform drilling program. The field was, until now, one of the largest remaining undeveloped reservoirs in the UKCS, with estimated recoverable reserves of 250 million barrels of oil from the initial part of the development.

The Clair development comprises a conventional platform with production and process topsides facilities supported by a fixed steel jacket. The development is the first steel based structure in the west of Shetland area.

Oil from the field will be exported to the Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland via a 105 kilometer, 22 inch diameter pipeline. Gas will be exported through a 10 kilometer, 6 inch diameter spur line into the Magnus Enhanced Oil Recovery trunkline.

Dave Blackwood, Director & Business Unit Leader for BP's North Sea business said, "This is a great day for BP, the Clair Partners, and the industry as a whole."

"This has been a long journey – 27 years since Clair was discovered – but through advances in technology, a pioneering approach to project engineering and fabrication, and the perseverance of the Clair partnership, we have managed to bring Clair to fruition."

"And we believe this is still the beginning for Clair. We estimate 5 billion barrels of oil in place in the field and are confident that this first stage of development will allow us to unlock more of the Clair reservoir."

The partners in the Clair field are BP (operator) 28.6%, ConocoPhillips 24.0%, ChevronTexaco 19.4%, Shell 18.7%, Amerada Hess 9.3%.