Sand Monitoring Services Inks Deal with Roxar

Sand Monitoring Services Ltd (SMS) a specialist oilfield service company providing a range of tailored sand monitoring and engineered sand solutions to the oil and gas industry announces the signing of a global equipment supply contract with Roxar for acoustic sand detection equipment.

The new realm of oilfield development is reaching extreme depths with correspondingly high surface temperatures and pressures. The Roxar system will provide a safe, environmentally efficient and economically viable solution to sand detection in an ever demanding industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, SMS Ltd will utilize Roxar's industry leading SAM 400 TC acoustic sand detector and software, allowing both companies to pool their expertise throughout the globe. This will provide a leading role in sand detection technology for existing and new oilfield developments.

For SMS Ltd, David W. Cairns, Sales & Business Development Director said:

"This milestone contract goes a long way in confirming SMS's dedication and commitment to providing an unparalleled, market leading, professional service, which will reliably meet customers' expectations. Our comprehensive field experience combined with Roxars' perseverance to always maintaining the highest product standards will be the main contributors to the overall success of this company."

For Roxar Ltd, Kenny McAllister, UK Manager said:

"Roxar are delighted to be working with SMS Ltd. This agreement brings together the core competencies of both organizations. SMS will add Roxar's world leading technology to their wealth of experience in sand monitoring and engineering. This agreement with SMS is a new way of working for Roxar's world leading acoustic sand detection systems. Roxar constantly seek to innovate in products, services and business practices to bring the best solutions to our clients."