Crude Production from ONGC's Mumbai High Scales 5 Year High

After a long gap of half a decade, Crude Oil production from Mumbai High reached the level of 2,70,000 Barrels of Oil Per Day (BOPD).

The Mumbai High Oil field, one of the most-prolific producers of Sweet and Light crude in the world, was brought into production around thirty years ago –in 1976. Like all maturing fields the world over, production from this giant field started declining in the nineties.

However, pragmatic management decisions for faster induction of a large variety of techniques and state-of-the-art technologies have helped ONGC to circumvent the declining phase (of the matured fields) and bring it back on the ascending trend. With the fast-track adoption of new technologies, the production of Mumbai High field has increased over 55,000 BOPD during the last three years.

The continuous efforts for reduction of Back pressure on the wells, de-bottleneck of surface facilities and pipelines, optimization of Gas lift mechanism, better tracking of by passes oil, timely installation of clamp-Ons and two new platforms, drilling of record number of sidetracks and medium radius drain hole and above all the integrated team approach resulted in boosting the production from the field. Well platforms' improved drilling and completion technologies have boosted the field production.

With continuous injection of latest technologies, the field is now heading to reach another landmark of 300,000 BOPD during 2005-06.