Halliburton Completes Successful Trial of Geo-Pilot 5200

Sperry Drilling Services, a product service line of Halliburton, announced the successful completion of two field trials of its third generation Geo-Pilot® 5200 Series system. With the addition of the 5200 Series system to the FullDrift® drilling suite, Sperry can offer a slim hole point-the-bit rotary steerable solution capable of significantly extending horizontal production sections and reaching small targets from existing structures. This can eliminate huge capital investments and extend the useful life of production facilities by restoring production levels.

The 5200 Series Geo-Pilot system completed its first field test for an operator in Canada, drilling the entire section (2,445 ft / 745m) in 51 drilling hours. The system performed flawlessly over a wide range of deflection settings. By choosing to use rotary steerable technology versus a conventional mud motor in the slimhole section of the well, the customer was able to eliminate the additional trip and rig time required to rearrange heavy-weight pipe, as is common in conventionally drilled horizontal wells.

"The 5200 Series Geo-Pilot system builds on our successful rotary steering market by providing a solution for the growing re-entry drilling market in mature fields. This technology provides a rotary steerable solution in 6 inch to 6¾ inch holes, dramatically improving our ability to drill longer wells that include complex well architecture," said Brady Murphy, vice president, Halliburton, Sperry Drilling Services.

The second successful field test was completed for an operator in Alaska where geosteering was required to maximize production from the horizontal reservoir interval. The 5200 Series system drilled the entire 7,145 ft horizontal in a single run, setting a world record for the longest run drilled with a rotary steerable in a 6¾ inch hole. Using the Geo-Span® downlink service, the Geo-Pilot 5200 Series system was efficiently steered, with zero interruptions for downlinking, giving the geologist complete control over wellbore trajectory and no loss of drilling efficiency.

The slimhole Geo-Pilot rotary steerable system retains many of the main benefits of the second generations Geo-Pilot system concept, which points the bit by flexing an internal rotating driveshaft between bearings. By incorporating the patented extended-gauge bit design and the Geo-Span downlink service, the 5200 Series will continue to deliver an industry leading, fast directional drilling operation that virtually eliminates rig time required for tool control.