NSW Keeps DMAS Cabins in Caspian

Duffy and McGovern's accommodation contract with German contractor Nord Deutsche Seekabelwerke (NSW) is to be extended for a further six months, in a deal worth over US$100,000 (£55,000).

The contract, which was initially for six months, will see the Aberdeen-based accommodation specialist provide additional sleeping accommodation until July 2005 for BP's Central Azeri Development Project.

Two DNV 2.7.1 A60 four-man sleeper cabins being supplied by Duffy & McGovern will now continue to house engineers working for NSW (part of the Corning Group) on the Dada Gorgud drilling rig as they carry out the cabling work for the Azeri project.

"This contract in the Caspian was a significant breakthrough for Duffy and McGovern when first appointed, being one of our first major contracts in the Caspian region," says Duffy and McGovern commercial director Craig Russell. "The customer is using two of our four-man linkable sleeper cabins, which at the time were a brand new design, and quite a radical step forward for the industry. I'm delighted that the customer has been pleased with the accommodation and has chosen to extend the contract."

Duffy & McGovern's four-man linkable cabins have the smallest footprint of any four-man sleeper module on the market, whilst at the same time providing internal living space of 11 cubic meters per man which comfortably complies with HSE guidelines. The unit was designed and launched in September 2003 and has gone on to be one of the most popular modules in the Duffy & McGovern range, with over 25 now in the global fleet.

Duffy and McGovern originally delivered the two four-man sleeper cabins to NSW in Baku in July 2004 within five weeks from order. This initial contract, which was worth around US$130,000 (£70,000) to the accommodation firm, ran for six months to the end of January 2005 and is now to continue to July 2005 under the contract extension.