QCI Marine Completes Upgrade on Earl Frederickson

QCI Marine Offshore LLC has successfully completed a living quarters upgrade on the Noble Earl Frederickson. The project was accomplished while the rig was actively drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The refurbishment included the complete demolition of the existing interior and re-outfitting the 4 level accommodations block. QCI Marine Offshore LLC provided a turnkey refurbishment consisting of electrical, walls, insulation, floors, ceilings, plumbing, and furnishings. The quarters were also expanded from 80 POB to 84.

QCI President, Chris Cantele, said "This was a highly successful project for Noble and QCI. The entire operation was completed in 87 days, approximately 15 days ahead of schedule and under budget." QCI was able to perform the scope of work despite two rig evacuations due to tropical storms and two rig moves. Cantele added, "This type of project is our specialty. A quarter's upgrade on a "working rig" allows our customer to satisfy their customer with no down time."