DNV Acquires CC Technologies

DNV has acquired Cortest Columbus Technologies. CCT's main focus is on the onshore pipeline market. DNV and CCT have very complementary technological and market positions, and the acquisition will increase the competence and the service to better serve the market.

CCT is an engineering, research and testing firm specializing in corrosion control, pipeline and plant integrity analyses, material evaluation and design, and the development of instrumentation and software for the pipeline industry. The company was founded in 1985 and currently has a staff of 130 highly qualified employees located in several US states and Canadian provinces. CCT's strength is built on a combination of research scientists and practicing engineers finding practical applications for scientific discoveries.

North America has one of the largest onshore pipeline infrastructures in the world. Much of this infrastructure has existed for over 50 years. With the recent changes in the US regulations, innovative approaches are required in order to effectively manage pipeline systems.

Says Elisabeth Harstad, DNV executive vice president: "CCT has a very prominent position in the market and fits in well with DNV's strategy and culture. CCT brings know-how and services that can be used by DNV outside the US and can help establish a market presence in the onshore markets in, for example, South America, the Middle East, selected parts of Asia and the former Soviet Union."

CCT was founded by Neil G. Thompson. Dr. Thompson – currently serving as vice president of the corrosion society NACE International - will continue as president of CCT. He says: "This is a great opportunity to take our knowledge, experience and services to new level. The similar corporate philosophies and commitment to technical excellence and customer satisfaction exhibited by the two organizations provide an attractive option for CCT to continue to pursue its strategic goals under the DNV brand."