ExxonMobil Uses Enventure Technology for Record-Setting Appl

Enventure Global Technology recently installed the longest 13-3/8 x 16 in. Solid Expandable Tubular (SET(TM)) System for ExxonMobil off the coast of Azerbaijan. The 3,068-foot Openhole Liner (OHL) was also the first solid expandable installed in the Caspian Sea.

ExxonMobil planned the OHL System into the original casing design knowing that the formations to be penetrated demanded more casing strings than conventional pipe allowed. Wells drilled in the Caspian Sea frequently encounter high formation pressures, multiple pressure regressions and narrow margins between formation pressure and fracture gradient. The OHL System enabled ExxonMobil to address preemptively conditions that would reduce casing size at TD with conventional pipe alone.

"ExxonMobil identified the challenging downhole conditions they would encounter and decided on a proactive approach that incorporated an expandable liner high in the wellbore," said Robert Hinkel, president and chief executive officer of Enventure. "This installation allowed them to maintain sufficient ID through the geographical anomalies that otherwise would have resulted in reduced hole size at TD."

"SET Systems incorporated into the well construction design lends itself to a less intrusive drilling process," said Hinkel. "The use of expandables in this region could be an environmental asset to the area."

To date, Enventure has performed over 300 installations and expanded more than 65 miles (105 kilometers) of pipe for 71 operators globally.