Tycom Completes Communications Installation for Stena

Tycom has completed an £800,000 contract installing a state-of-the-art information and communications system across the international operations of Stena Drilling.

Aberdeen-based Tycom upgraded hardware and software on Stena's five drilling rigs and land support bases as they operated in various energy provinces around the world, on top of its ongoing IT support and maintenance work for the business.

The project, which also involved extensive upgrading work at Stena's Aberdeen HQ, represented one of the most logistically challenging but successful projects undertaken by Tycom.

Sales Manager at Tycom, Mike Smith, said: "We undertook the work while the rigs were operational, sometimes moving with them from province to province to complete the upgrade both on the rigs and on their supporting land bases.

"Reliable communication on a 24-hour basis is absolutely crucial to Stena's operations and we were able to complete the work seamlessly, migrating between old systems and new without compromising their ability to communicate at any time and without disrupting their activity.

"Stena is a leading player in the drilling market and wanted to ensure it was deploying the best possible IT systems. It is now effectively able to manage its entire information and communication system from one point at its Aberdeen HQ."

The project took Tycom personnel to Mauritania, Norway, Indonesia, Sicily, Egypt, Morocco, the Netherlands and the Irish Sea – as well as the UKCS – as they fitted in with the rigs' operational commitments.

The project essentially saw Tycom migrate the Stena system from Windows NT to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003.

Mike continued: "The fact that the contract was completed in textbook fashion is due in no small measure to the commitment and dedication of our personnel, working together in close partnership, with Stena's own IT department who were committed to seeing the project completed successfully in time, regardless of the logistical issues it presented."

Tycom provides a round-the-clock IT support and maintenance service for Stena Drilling. Aberdeen-based Tycom has over 200 national and international clients who benefit from the services it provides in IT provision, support and maintenance, software design and development and business consultancy.

It has been delivering a high level of customer service in the IT market for 26 years, highlighting its robustness in a dynamic and competitive sector.