BJ Process and Pipeline Services Wins Woodside Contract

BJ Process and Pipeline Services has been awarded a contract by Woodside Energy Limited of Australia. The contract requires BJ PPS to supply a wide range of shutdown and project-related support services for the offshore sector of Woodside Energy's Northwest Shelf Development, Western Australia and the Northern Endeavour FPSO facility located offshore Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Nitrogen Purging & Nitrogen Leak Detection Services Play Critical Safety Role
BJ PPS will perform nitrogen purging on the processing topside's systems when the shutdown is initiated. The process of freeing the systems from hydrocarbon will make it possible for Woodside Energy to perform fast, safe process break-ins and entry into the platform piping systems and vessels without risk of exposure to potential explosive atmospheres.

For safety and operational reasons, it is also critical that the production processing facility be leak-free prior to start-up with live gas. During the coming month, Woodside Energy has scheduled six shutdowns to take place across its three Northwest Shelf assets, including its fixed platforms Goodwyn Alpha and North Rankin A, as well as the Cossack Pioneer FPSO.

BJ PPS will be using its specialist nitrogen helium leak detection technology to ensure continued safe, leak-free operations. BJ PPS will provide necessary engineering technical expertise and equipment to service all Woodside Energy assets with nitrogen support services – namely nitrogen purging and nitrogen helium leak detection services - which play a central role in ensuring that the systems are free of leaks.

Nitrogen helium leak detection services will be performed following completion of the shutdown on systems that have been subjected to integrity disturbance. BJ PPS pressurizes the system to a designated operating pressure by using high flow/pressure liquid nitrogen equipment that mixes 99% nitrogen with 1% high purity helium. All broken and disturbed joints are tapped and then tested for leaks and reported for immediate repair attention. By doing so, BJ PPS provides an accurate assessment of any leak problem areas in the system. With system repairs, Woodside Energy is reassured of zero leaks when the process is restarted. Overall, time and money is saved by preventing potential unplanned remedial leak repairs that might otherwise be required.

In addition, BJ PPS will be supplying nitrogen foam inserting, pipefreeze isolation, chemical cleaning, hydrotesting and equipment rental services.

"We look forward to providing Woodside Energy with quality shutdown support services during the coming months from our base in Perth," said Lindsay Link, general manager of BJ PPS. "We are extremely pleased to be contributing once again to the continued safe and efficient operation of Woodside's assets offshore Australia," he added.

A Decade of Success
The one-year Woodside Energy contract, which includes two consecutive one-year options to renew, is the result of a positive ongoing relationship between the two companies that extends 10 years. In 1994, BJ PPS performed pre-commissioning services on the hook-up of the Goodwyn Alpha platform. Since then, BJ PPS has been providing annual nitrogen support services for shutdown operations on the Goodwyn Alpha and North Rankin A platforms and the Cossack Pioneer FPSO.