Loon to Begin Production Testing D-14 Well in Slovenia

Loon Energy reports that the Dolina-14 (D-14) appraisal well in northeastern Slovenia has been successfully fracture stimulated. The well has been completed with a temporary connection to the local distribution network and an extended production test will commence shortly. The production test will be designed to assess reservoir flow properties, well drainage radius and ascertain long term gas well deliverability. Data gathered will be used to evaluate and design future drilling and development activities.

Three fracture stimulations on D-14 were undertaken by Schlumberger with approximately 165 tonnes of carbolite proppant and 640 cubic meters of fluids used to create high conductivity paths in the formation. Post fracture evaluation indicates that the stimulation was effective. D-14 has been completed with 2 3/8" tubing and connected to a temporary well test separator and the local gas distribution network allowing for an extended production test over the coming months. During the initial fracture stimulation of the lower interval, reservoir overpressure and high fracture gradients were encountered and overcome. A further announcement will be made in relation to well productivity in approximately four weeks. Loon has a 10.50% carried working interest in the well.