Integrated Production Services and Parchman Energy Group Mer

Integrated Production Services, Inc. ("IPS") and Parchman Energy Group ("PEG") are pleased to announce the merger of the two companies. The merger unites two highly complementary business platforms that share the vision of building the leading North American Production Enhancement Service Company.

The two companies have complementary footprint and combined have a leading market presence in all Major North American natural gas basins with operations in Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the North West Territories), the U.S. Rocky Mountain Region (Wyoming, Utah and Colorado), the Southern U.S. (Texas and Louisiana) and Mexico.

In addition to having a complementary footprint, IPS and PEG offer similar services and are focused on providing oil and gas producing customers local field expertise, fit-for purpose equipment and cost effective solutions which increase production and extend the lives of wells. The combined service offerings include coiled tubing, wireline, hydraulic workover services, production testing, pressure testing, and production optimization. Product offerings include artificial lift, surface production, completion and downhole flow control equipment.

The broad range of services and products enables the delivery of tailored solutions to customers that may include the integrated deployment of multiple services, which improves efficiency, reduces lead times and provides cost-effective results for completion, workover and production optimization applications.