Tidelands Finalizes Design Phase of Dorado Terminal

Tidelands Oil & Gas Corporation reports, through their collaborative efforts with Remora Technology, they have finalized the design work for the Dorado HiLoad LNG Regasification Terminal. After extensive evaluation, it has been determined that the specifications for this regasification terminal have been adjusted such that the location will now be approximately 35 miles off of Mexico's coast in the Gulf of Mexico's offshore waters. Additionally, the HiLoad LNG Regasification Terminal will float in roughly 400 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. All other aspects of the design, specifications, and adaptations have been finalized.

The completion of this evaluation process now affords Tidelands the opportunity to deliver a comprehensive and fully integrated network of facilities to assist Mexico with the development of their energy infrastructure.

Michael Ward, President and CEO of Tidelands Oil & Gas Corporation, said, "We are pleased the finalization process with the Remora Technology HiLoad LNG Regasification Terminal has transpired expeditiously. Tidelands' proposed underground storage facility, cross-border pipelines and HiLoad Regasification Terminal can cumulatively provide the infrastructure to satisfy the demand for gas within Mexico's borders as it relates to their commercial, industrial and residential customers. We are eager to proceed with additional steps in our overall plans and look forward to delivering more information regarding our projects as they unfold."