Sun Oil to Participate in the Clovelly Prospect in Louisiana

Sun Oil & Gas will be participating in the Clovelly Prospect located approximately 35 miles southwest of New Orleans in Lafourche Parish.

Pursuant to a participation agreement effective December 30, 2004 with ORX Resources, Inc. as the operator of the property, the Company acquired the right to earn and participate in the exploration and development of the Clovelly Prospect, for a one-time participation fee of approximately $27,300, due on or before March 30, 2005. This fee represents approximately 10% of the costs associated with drilling the initial test well, therefore allowing Sun Oil to hold a 10% interest in the proceeds from the well. The total costs associated with the first test well will be approximately $273,000.

The Clovelly Field is host to many oil and gas producers and the M Sand has produced in excess of 25 million barrels of oil and 120 billion cubic feet of gas since its discovery in 1950. Peter Wilson, Sun Oil's newly appointed President, stated: "The Clovelly Prospect is an exciting opportunity to commence an aggressive oil and gas exploration and development program, and building a significant value for our shareholders."