Touchstone Reaches TD at Duncan Prospect

Touchstone Resources USA has reached total drill depth of 16,800' on its Gubert #1 well on the Duncan prospect, Wharton County, Texas. Casing was run to total depth, and testing will begin as soon as equipment is available. The first zone to be evaluated will be at approximately 16,700'. In addition, the Goudeau #1 well, previously logged at a total drill depth of 16,500', is undergoing testing.

Wes Franklin, Executive Vice President of Touchstone, said "If successful, we expect to drill additional locations offsetting both the Gubert #1 and the Goudeau #1 in the near future, pending rig availability".

Touchstone is the operator of the Wharton County Project and has a net interest of approximately 18% of the project on approximately 4,000 acres in two different prospects, the Colorado Bend and the Duncan.