Statoil Gets Green Light from PSA for Work on Norne & Asgard

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted consent to Statoil for implementation of a number of different drilling activities with the Stena Don on the Norne and Asgard fields. The activities will commence in February and, according to the plan, will last until the end of 2006.

Our consent decision comprises the following activities:

  • Implementation of surveys with the Stena Don where drilling is to take place deeper than 200 m below the seabed.

  • Implementation of exploration drilling with the Stena Don.

  • Use of the Stena Don for drilling activities such as production drilling and slot recovery.

  • In its application, Statoil specifies two defined drilling activities on Norne:

  • Drilling of the multi-branch wells 6608/10-D-3 BY1H and BY2H after slot recovery.

  • Drilling of well 6608/10-E-4 BH using "through tubing rotary drilling" technology (TTRD).

  • The plan calls for the activities on Norne to last until mid-June 2005, after which the facility will be used for activities on Asgard until September 2005.

    The Stena Don will then be used for production drilling on Norne, Asgard and Heidrun. The activities on Heidrun are covered under a previous consent decision.

    The other activities will be determined by production developments on Norne and Asgard.

    The plans also include drilling of appraisal wells in well-known geological structures.

    We have consented to the activities with the following conditions:

  • Statoil is to update the PSA on a quarterly basis regarding plans for the Stena Don for the coming six months.
  • Statoil is to inform the PSA when plans for drilling the appraisal wells are firmed up.

  • Statoil is to inform the PSA when plans for drilling shallow wildcat wells are firmed up.

  • The Stena Don is operated by Stena Drilling Ltd. The facility received an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) in March 2002.