Halliburton Awarded Qatif Field Development Project


Halliburton's Energy Services Group has been awarded a contract to provide services for Saudi Aramco's Qatif Field development project in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The initial scope of the three-year project to drill producing oil and water wells will include using a wide range of technologies, such as drilling optimization software and extended-reach drilling and the installation of several multilateral systems.

"Halliburton is pleased and excited to partner with Saudi Aramco to develop the Qatif field. The project will require a close working relationship between the two companies and will require cross-functional cooperation in applying appropriate technology with first class execution in a safe and timely manner," said Edgar Ortiz, president and chief executive officer, Halliburton's Energy Services Group.

The exclusive contract with Saudi Aramco will include Halliburton Energy Services' full complement of well construction, reservoir evaluation, and completion services, as well as Landmark Graphics' geophysical, geological, and drilling software. Attention to health, safety, and environmental (HSE) issues is paramount in any Halliburton project. To reduce the total number of drilling locations and to minimize environmental impact, multiple wells will be directionally drilled from a single drilling pad. Extended-reach drilling techniques, utilizing Halliburton’s SlickBore™ matched drilling system, and the company’s multilateral technologies will be used by Saudi Aramco thereby exposing a greater amount of the reservoir. To minimize the amount of personnel traffic to and from the wellsite, Halliburton’s INSITE™ rig information and RESolution 3D™ systems will be used to transmit real-time data from the rig into the operator's office.