Soco Begins 2005 Multi-Well Program in Vietnam

The first well in the Soco's 2005 multi-well Vietnam drilling program spudded on January 29, 2005 and is currently running 30" casing. The CNV-3X well in Block 9-2 is an appraisal of the Ca Ngu Vang structure in which a discovery well, the CNV-1X, was drilled in 2002. The discovery well tested a maximum combined rate of approximately 4,500 barrels of crude oil equivalent per day comprised of approximately 3,100 barrels of crude per day and approximately 7.9 million cubic feet of gas per day from a Basement interval.

The CNV-3X well has been designed to drill to a total measured depth of approximately 6,000 meters with a maximum deviation of 80 degrees. The well will test various fault and fracture domains within the granitic Basement in the area of the CNV-1X well. It is anticipated that the well will take some 60-70 days to drill.

Following the completion of the well on Ca Ngu Vang, the current drilling program plan calls for the rig to move to Block 16-1 to begin drilling an exploration well.

In Yemen after finalizing drilling and completion activities on the KHA 403 well, the rig is in the process of being moved to the next location to spud the KHA 404 well. The KHA 403 well was the third well in a multi-well drilling program, which began in 2004, designed to drill deviated wells targeting the Basement interval.

The KHA 403 well will be tested after the testing equipment is moved from KHA 402 where it has been utilized to conduct a long term production test. Results of the test on the KHA 402, along with those of each of the wells drilled, will be released once they are made available by the operator.

Gross production from the East Shabwa Development Area in Yemen averaged approximately 27,800 barrels of oil per day to date in January 2005. Approximately 30% of the production was attributable to crude produced from the Basement interval.