Phillips Announces New Production Record at Ekofisk

For the fourth time this year, a new record has been set for Ekofisk II production over one month. The October production averaged 385,200 barrels per day from the four fields in the Greater Ekofisk Area (Production license 018). As stabilized PL018 oil (without natural gas liquids, NGL) at the terminal in Teesside this represented some 359,200 barrels per day. This is 3,100 barrels of stabilized oil more per day than the last record for a month, which was set in April this year.

Deputy Managing Director Arne Holhjem says he is very pleased that the production after the scheduled shutdown in August is maintained at such a high level. There are several reasons for the high production. A number of new production wells have been drilled in the Ekofisk and Eldfisk reservoirs this year. These wells have boosted production, says Wiggo Holm, Exploitation Manager. Thanks to modifications to the processing plant on the 2/4 J platform the plant is also capable of handling production at a more stable level than before.