FX Energy to Complete Rusocin-1 for Production Testing

FX Energy reports that the Rusocin-1 well will be completed for an extended production test. Results of the initial DST indicate that the reservoir may extend beyond the mapped faults suggesting a larger reservoir along the Wolsztyn High. The well will be put into production for a period of sufficient duration to determine the extent of the reservoir. The Rusocin-1 found what is believed to be the lower edge of a pinchout at the top of the Rotliegendes sandstone with 20-25% porosity.

Richard Hardman, head of the technical team for FX Energy stated, "The presence of gas in the Rusocin-1 well has important implications for the prospectivity of Fences I where a major pinchout play against the Wolsztyn Basement High has been recognized in the south of the block. Rusocin was the first test of the concept. Recently FX obtained new seismic data over the Lugi extension of the play to the southeast and also over Dolsk to the west of Rusocin. Since the play has been positively established by Rusocin-1, both of these now appear lower risk. There are also other opportunities along this trend in the immediate vicinity of the well."

The Company also reported that operations to remediate an incomplete cement job in the Sroda-4 well are underway. The well has been plugged back and will be sidetracked to a true vertical depth of 3550 meters where it will again be cased prior to drilling into the Rotliegendes.

The Polish Oil and Gas Company owns a 51% interest and operates both the Sroda-4 and Rusocin-1 wells and FX Energy owns 49%.