Invensys To Provide TotalFinaElf with PES Software

Simulation Sciences (SIMSCI), a unit of Invensys Process Systems, announced that it has signed a five-year, $2.2 million corporate license agreement with TotalFinaElf. The agreement covers software license and maintenance fees for SIMSCI's leading process simulation and design programs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Invensys will provide TotalFinaElf with SIMSCI's Process Engineering Suite (PES) for improving productivity and increasing plant profitability through process engineering design and operational analysis. PES comprises several well-established programs that perform within a single, integrated desktop solution. The agreement also covers the Upstream Optimization Suite, for improving the design, operation and optimization of surface facilities and piping networks used in oil and gas production.

"This agreement represents an increased commitment from both SIMSCI and TotalFinaElf to expand the use of our Process Engineering Suite and Upstream Optimization Suite throughout TotalFinaElf worldwide," said Brian Ahern, president, Invensys Process Solutions. "We are committed to improving TotalFinaElf's engineering productivity and operations profitability by effectively applying our best-in-class technology as a strategic element in TotalFinaElf future plans."

"As one of the leading oil companies in the world, TotalFinaElf's group activities span all aspects of the energy industry. From the Upstream sector, oil and gas exploration and production to the Downstream sector which includes refining and marketing of refined products, as well as international trading in both crude and refined products," said Pascal Letourneur of TFE's Exploration and Production Division. "Therefore, it was beneficial to standardize on a proven software package, when it came to selecting a primary process flowsheeting tool for our use."