BJ Tubular Services Awarded Contract in China

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract by a major operator to provide hydraulic hammer conductor-driving services in China. The contract requires BJ Tubular Services to carry out these services on a number of wells located offshore Tanggu, China in Bohia Bay.

BJ has successfully driven conductors on 11 wells in the region, with plans to complete Phase II in March 2005. Phase II will require BJ to drive conductors on an additional 21 wells located in Bohia Bay.

The contract is being supported by BJ Tubular Services through its bases located in Singapore and Tanggu, China and Great Yarmouth, England.

Hydrohammer Services: Efficient, Safe and Cost-effective

BJ Tubular Services uses a state-of-the-art hydraulic pile driving system known as the S90 Hydrohammer to drive conductors and pipe into the earth to create a foundation for a new oil or gas well. As it is designed for driving piles on or offshore, the Hydrohammer can also be used to efficiently drive large piles for the purpose of constructing buildings or bridges.

Its competitive advantage lies within the outstanding quality of the system, and the experienced team that operates it. The Hydrohammer delivers precise, concentrated blows to the piling column, driving piles deeper and faster than any other methods. This results in an extremely efficient conductor driving operation - with a 100% efficiency ratio - saving the customer time and money. In addition, the process is extremely safe. The Hydrohammer is equipped with a safety feature that automatically shuts the system down should a pile penetrate ahead of the hammer, blow energy is set too high or the system is positioned incorrectly. The Hydrohammer is one single unit with no external moving parts. The hydraulic circuit is completely enclosed eliminating spillage.

"With our ongoing efforts to further strengthen our market position, and expand BJ's hammer services market globally, we are extremely pleased to be delivering effective hammer conductor driving services in China," said Doug Bell, Area Manager-Asia Pacific Region for BJ Tubular Services. "I attribute our success in China to the effectiveness and safety of the services delivered by the S90 Hydrohammer, and to the experience and commitment of the hammer services division," he added.

Demand for Hammer Services Growing

Keen to develop a niche in the growing hammer services market, BJ Tubular Services performed its first-ever hydraulic hammer conductor driving operation in 1995 in the Netherlands. Since then, the division has delivered hundreds of single-slot hydraulic hammer conductor and caisson driving operations world-wide, in Europe, Latin America, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Trinidad, China, the Middle East and West Africa. With the 2003 acquisition of hydraulic and diesel hammer services specialist Petro-Drive and Cajun Tubular Services of Louisiana, BJ Tubular Services is actively expanding its range of casing and tubing running, and hammer services capabilities into the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas market.

BJ Tubular Services specializes in personnel and equipment for running casing and tubing, particularly premium connections, high chrome content tubulars, dual, triple and sub-sea completions, as well as hydraulic hammer conductor-driving services.