Veritas Viking Suffers Engine Failure

Veritas DGC reported that on the evening of January 18, 2004, its seismic vessel Veritas Viking experienced engine failure while acquiring multi-client seismic data in the Gulf of Mexico. While under way, the vessel's engine room filled with smoke and emergency systems immediately shut down the engines. As a result of the lost propulsion, her trailing equipment became tangled and has, at least in part, lost flotation.

At the time of the incident, the vessel's emergency procedures were followed and no one was injured. The vessel has now regained propulsion and is currently attempting to retrieve her trailing equipment with the assistance of a support vessel. She is currently located in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 120 miles southeast of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The company has commenced an investigation of the incident. At present, the extent of the loss of or damage to the vessel's trailing equipment is not known. Consequently, the company cannot determine when the vessel will resume production.