DNO Suspends Nabrajah #4 as a Producer

Drilling of Nabrajah # 4 has reached a total depth of 1,742 meters. Due to various hole problems during drilling of Nabarajah # 4, a side-track from the original planned well track had to be drilled. Initial interpretation of well logs confirms the presence of oil in the Qishn S1 and S2 intervals. No testing will be undertaken of the well which will be suspended and prepared as a future Nabrajah producer. The rig will now move to drill Nabrajah # 5 which has a top Qishn S2 target some 1,100 meters south of Nabrajah # 4.

The Nabrajah Field Development Plan has been submitted to the Yemeni authorities for approval.

The Sharyoof North-East # 1 was drilled on a structure separate to the main Sharyoof field. The well did not encounter hydrocarbons. The rig has now moved back to Block 32 to drill the Tasour # 15 well, which is located east of the main Tasour Field.