DMAS Modules Set to 'Inspire' with Maersk

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services has been chosen to provide the first accommodation modules for Maersk's brand new jack-up Inspirer rig which is scheduled to arrive shortly in the North Sea.

The leading offshore rental accommodation firm has secured a £350,000 contract to provide a comprehensive accommodation complex for the ultra harsh environment rig which is currently en route to the Cromarty Firth from the fabrication yard in Korea.

Duffy & McGovern will supply eight four-man sleeper modules for the rig over a 12 month period beginning on the 1st February 2005. Six of the eight modules will be drawn from a brand new fleet which is currently being manufactured at the company's Aberdeen base. Work on this new fleet of twelve four-man sleeper units and eight Zone 1 engineering modules began in December 2004.

"We have a long-standing successful relationship with Maersk in the North Sea and are delighted to have been chosen to supply accommodation on their eagerly anticipated Inspirer rig," says Duffy & McGovern commercial director Craig Russell. "Like its sister rig, the Innovator, this new platform is understood to be one of the most advanced jack-up drilling rigs in the world and it is fitting that we should be providing modules on rental which, like the rig itself, are brand new and hot off the production line."

Duffy & McGovern's four-man linked sleeper unit represented a major advancement for offshore accommodation when it was launched in 2003, being at the same time the most spacious sleeper cabin internally, whilst having the smallest external footprint available in the market. The A60 unit provides two bedrooms which each accommodate two people comfortably within the latest UKCS health and safety requirements. Units can be linked to provide a four-man unit or a self-contained living quarter comprising multiple units which are accessed via a central corridor.

The eight units destined for the Maersk Inspirer will be stacked to create a two-storey complex, with four modules on each level and housing a total of 32 men. A permanent living quarters housing 120 personnel brings the total compliment of accommodation on the rig up to 152 beds.

Following delivery to the Cromarty Firth, the Maersk Inspirer is expected to be deployed in the Jade field in the UK North Sea which is operated by ConocoPhillips.