Repsol YPF Makes Natural Gas Discovery in Neuquen Basin

Repsol YPF has discovered natural gas in two separate areas of the Neuquen Basin in Argentina. At the first find, in the Rincón del Mangrullo block, the discovery well registered an initial production estimated at 120,000 cubic meters of gas per day, and at the second, in the Piedra Chenque block, estimated initial production was 310,000 cubic meters of gas per day.

This second discovery is particularly important in that it is the first to be made in blocks recently tendered in the Neuquen province, and located in an area neighbouring other Repsol YPF operated blocks (Cerro Bandera, Portezuelo Mines and Octágono Fiscal), thus enabling a rapid production start-up.

These new discoveries were made possible by the use of cutting edge technology in the processing and reading of 3D seismic data, evolved at Repsol YPF's Center of Technology for Three-dimensional Visualization in Neuquen. This technological development employs the most advanced information system applied anywhere in the world to exploration fields and areas, making it possible to interpret a 3D scan beneath the earth's crust, and locate oil and gas reserves from the surface to a depth superior than traditional levels.