Fugro Highlights New Areas for the UK 23rd Licensing Round

Fugro Multi Client Services announces the opportunity to explore a new play area on the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. The East Shetland Platform is due to become available for Licensing in the upcoming 23rd License Round. A reconnaissance grid of 2D non-exclusive seismic data acquired by FMCS in 1999 covers the region and highlights a number of prospective areas.

The fifth Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA5), which forms the basis for the 23rd License Round, covers much of the East Shetland Platform area. This region is covered by 2775km of 2D non-exclusive seismic data, (ESP99), shot by FMCS in 1999.

The data highlights a number of areas where potential Devonian source rock intervals are located along with basinal areas filled with Palaeozoic to Tertiary sediments, (fig 2). Exploration to date has been restricted to the margins of the area, and has mostly focused on Tertiary and Mesozoic targets with a Kimmeridge Clay source. The Devonian lacustrine deposits of the Orcadian Basin however provide a proven oil prone source rock that has the potential to charge traps in Devonian through Jurassic reservoirs across the East Shetland Platform area. The ESP99 data demonstrates the structural and stratigraphic framework of the area and illustrates the existence of a number of potential fault block plays.