Hyprotech Completes Bonga Facilities Model

Hyprotech Ltd. and Shell Deepwater Services have announced the completion of a collaborative engineering effort resulting in the production of a working transient model of Shell's Bonga oil field production facilities, a major West African deepwater sub-sea tie-back development.

Using HYSYS.Plant, Hyprotech's steady state and dynamic simulator, to integrate topsides models with Shell's transient flowline (OLGA), a study was made of the coupled interaction of production tubing, flow lines, risers, gas lift and topsides equipment on a continuous pressure-flow network. The resulting model assisted in validating unique design features such as large bore riser gas lift.

Mark Broussard, Hyprotech's Sr. Vice President of Technology, stated: "Hyprotech and Shell share a common vision for simulation and optimization to contribute measurably to performance improvement at all stages of an oil and gas asset's lifecycle, from conceptual design through production. Shell's usage of our dynamic modeling environment on this project permitted them to optimize on capital expenditures now and to maximize on production once the platform complex is built, thus maintaining a sound competitive edge."

Broussard added: "Hyprotech's focus on structuring a modeling environment encompassing the entire oil and gas asset, from sand face to custody transfer, sets it apart in the marketplace and allows forward-looking companies like Shell to model to the business boundary."

The transient models will be updated in the detailed engineering phase of the project. The model will then function as a knowledge repository during field life by providing a platform for continuing engineering and operations activities, including detailed design checkout and verification, DCS control system design and checkout, operator training and operations surveillance. The key benefits of the initial modeling efforts are:

  • Validating acceptable facility performance during slugging conditions (i.e. loss of gas lift)
  • Assisting in proof-of-concept for large bore riser gas lift
  • Validation of conceptual control schemes
  • Development of preliminary operating procedures for use in operations workshops and technical training sessions

The operator training system (OTS) project has been awarded, and kickoff for the next phase of the HYSYS lifecycle project was in August 2001.