Shell Chooses Honeywell Systems for Na Kika Platform

The Industry Solutions business of Honeywell announced that Shell International Exploration and Production has completed evaluation of and placed orders for the Honeywell PlantScape® control system, Fail Safe Controller (FSC®) and Uniformance® Database System. Shell will apply these solutions in its Na Kika semisubmersible platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The orders are valued at $1.5 million.

One of the key factors that led Shell to select PlantScape was its use of Honeywell's patented Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) technology. DSA allows separate PlantScape systems to communicate seamlessly with a common database. This is particularly important for offshore platforms, which have a number of systems provided by multiple vendors from around the world. These systems will be controlled by PlantScape, giving engineers, managers and operators visibility across the platform for safe, efficient operation.

Honeywell's FSC safety shutdown system will be tied into the PlantScape system. Designed to protect people, equipment and the environment and deliver optimum availability, the FSC will automatically react to critical situations without the need for human action.

All production, environmental and safety information will be accessible through the Honeywell Uniformance Database System and will be used for monitoring and reporting both on and off of the platform. The Uniformance software infrastructure incorporates information management, advanced applications, and operation-wide history capabilities into a unified system.