McMoRan Increases Stake in Main Pass 299

McMoRan Exploration has reached an agreement to acquire K1 USA Energy Production Corporation's (K1 USA) 66.7 percent interest in K-Mc Venture I LLC (K-Mc I), bringing McMoRan's ownership in K-Mc I to 100 percent. K-Mc I owns the oil production facilities and related oil reserves at Main Pass Block 299. McMoRan will repay the venture's debt totaling $8.0 million and release K1 USA from future abandonment obligations related to the facilities.

As previously reported, the storm center of Hurricane Ivan passed within 20 miles east of Main Pass 299 in September 2004. Oil production from Main Pass 299 is currently shut-in following extensive damage to a third-party offshore terminal facility which provided throughput services for the sale of Main Pass 299 sour crude oil. Before Hurricane Ivan, the Main Pass 299 field was producing approximately 2,800 barrels of oil per day. McMoRan is currently evaluating alternative plans for the future sale of Main Pass 299 production. K-Mc I maintains certain insurance which is expected to partially mitigate the impact of the storm event.

The facilities to be used for the proposed Main Pass Energy Hub(TM) were essentially undamaged by Hurricane Ivan. The transaction does not affect K1's rights to participate as a passive equity investor in 15 percent of McMoRan's equity in Main Pass Energy Hub(TM) or its warrants or stock ownership in McMoRan.

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