Tap Oil Spuds Hursthouse-1 Well in New Zealand

Tap Oil reports that the Hursthouse-1 exploration well spudded on December 25, 2004. The well is located in PEP 38745 within the onshore Taranaki Basin.

Hursthouse-1 will drill to a total depth of 1,593 metres, targeting oil plays within both the Mt Messenger Formation and Moki Formation sandstones. It is anticipated the well will take 12 days to complete.

The spudding of Hursthouse-1 is the continuation of Tap's onshore Taranaki drilling program which has three wells remaining to be drilled: Hursthouse-1, Kakariki-1 and Takahe-1.

PEP 38745 Joint Venture Participants are Tap (New Zealand) Pty Ltd with 25%; Westech Energy with 50% and Bridge Petroleum as operator with 25%.