Wintershall to Expand Production at Lechfeld

Wintershall says now that the three new well sites are complete, work will begin in the second half of December on the rig in the Aitingen production area. The first well, "Aitingen 7", is targeting part of the Aitingen crude oil reservoir at a depth of around 1200 meters, which has been identified as promising according to seismic surveys conducted by geologists and engineers. The two other wells (Aitingen South 1 and Aitingen North West 1) are targeting promising but smaller areas separate from the main reservoir at a depth of around 1200 meters. They will be explored straight after well "Aitingen 7".

The "Aitingen 7" well site is located on Kreisstraße A 34 between Groß- and Kleinaitingen. An area of around 6000 m2, slightly smaller than a soccer pitch, has been prepared over the last few weeks for use in the future. This is where the 40-meter high derrick is due to be set up during the second half of December. The service company commissioned, Erdöl-Erdgas Workover GmbH & Co. KG (EEW) from Salzwedel in Lower Saxony, will need approximately one week for system build-up.

Drilling work on the "Aitingen 7" well site will begin as soon as the derrick has been set up, provisionally on 21st December 2004, and will be completed in January. The rig then moves on to the other two pre-prepared well sites. Work will be carried out in full 24-hour shifts, also on Sundays and public holidays. Sound-proofed diesel generators provide the power needed to run the system.

Last fall, Messtrupps deployed its highly sensitive equipment and vibro trucks on behalf of Wintershall AG and ExxonMobil Production Deutschland GmbH (EMPG) to analyze around 80 m2 of land between Bobingen and Schwabmünchen in the Augsburg area. These surveys provided Wintershall AG and its joint venture partners with a better understanding of the rock structures.

It was the largest seismic survey ever conducted in this area. The data collected was worked over using complex computer processes and then analyzed by Wintershall experts. It also formed the basis for planning and preparing the new wells.

The Southern Bavarian authorities will supervise the well.