Prosafe Sets Three World Records for Hydro on Oseberg B

Prosafe Drilling Services has set three world records on Oseberg B for Hydro: we drilled the world's longest well from a fixed installation to 10 007 md, we set the world's longest 13 3/8" casing at 5 800 md, and we drilled 8,219 md horizontal offset.

Hydro decided to drill this technologically pioneering well to ensure an optimal utilization of the existing infrastructure. Prosafe Drilling Services drilled the extended reach well, and there were identified additional resources in the Oseberg formation. The well was handed over to Hydro Production on December 10, 2004.

By successfully completing this path-breaking operation, we have opened up for possibilities for all other installations in our contract with Hydro, and for future value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in general.