BJ Tubular Services Awarded Contract in Oman

BJ Tubular Services has been awarded a contract to provide services in Oman by a major oil operator in the region. The contract provides for well services, including casing and tubing running, to be carried out by BJ Tubular Services onshore Oman Block 51.

BJ Tubular Services has commenced operations, with plans to complete the operation by the end of 2004. All related services are being delivered by BJ Tubular Services dedicated personnel and specialist equipment based in the division's base in Saudi Arabia. BJ attributes much of its success in landing the contract to the very successful use of its Saudi Arabian crews who have received intensive training in the company's procedures and safety practices. As a result, these crews have been highly instrumental in providing efficient rig site integration and enhanced communications.

Oman a New Market

"We are very pleased to be working in Oman. This is our first operation in this country. It represents a significant new market entry," said Kenny Watt, area manager-Middle East for BJ Tubular Services. "As we offer our services utilizing highly dependable BJ Tubular Services casing and tubing running equipment and dedicated quality personnel, I am confident that our client will realize significant benefits as a result of our thorough and professional approach," he added.

BJ Tubular Services specializes in personnel and equipment for running casing and tubing, particularly premium connections, high chrome content tubulars, dual, triple and sub-sea completions, as well as hammer conductor-driving services. The Tubular Services division is known throughout the world for its innovative technology, including the Leadhand tong tubular manipulating system that continues to provide improved safety benefits.