QSERV Reduces Operating Cost For Apache

Apache North Sea has appointed Qserv for a seven-figure contract of initially two years, for the installation of coiled tubing deployed electric submersible pump (CTDESP) services.

This investment by the independent oil and gas company is set to increase well efficiency and reduce the operating costs of its Bravo platform within the Forties Field, the largest oilfield ever discovered in the UK sector of the North Sea. The ESPs will be used to produce fluids from the reservoir and will also be the driving force to transfer these fluids to the neighboring Charlie platform. They will then be processed through Charlie's production systems, eliminating the requirement for production systems on the Bravo platform.

This ESP technology is a development of that used in other regions such as Qatar, where Qserv has revolutionized the process of well workover. It has achieved this through the use of custom designed equipment, competent personnel and a process of continuous improvement to develop the workover process whilst reducing well downtime and costs. The ESP configuration differs when compared to conventional systems and is deployed on 2-3/8" coiled tubing with the ESP power cable and umbilical lines inside the coiled tubing. The ESPs are inverted and use a bottom intake to produce the fluids up the annulus to the coiled tubing, negating the requirement for large bore deployment tubulars.

Qserv will mobilize a ten-man crew including workover supervision from its existing specialist personnel for this contract. The company anticipates recruiting at least a further ten, full-time onshore and offshore personnel to support its growing business and increasing operations.

Qserv has developed a niche market for this specialized work and this contract results from the 28 CTDESP high performance well installations and workovers successfully completed for Anadarko in Qatar. Ken Hood, ESP engineer for Anadarko, commented that Qserv¹s effort and work quality was exceptional: "Our overall economics have improved through Qserv's concentration on safety, an ability to manage the workovers, teamwork with other vendors and innovative engineering techniques. Qserv has delivered against its commitments and this has reduced our lost production by half, allowing us to reduce costs and maintain well production in our already marginal field."

Ciaran Dreelan, well services director at Qserv, said: "We have pursued this technology with Apache for some time now whilst demonstrating our proven track record in other locations. It is extremely refreshing to see how a company like Apache can instantly grasp such opportunities and definitively identify the enhancements this can add to their business.

"Through identification of our proven track record of 28 CTDESP wells completed in the past 18 months with Anadarko, we have been able to bring a benefit and differentiation which Apache has instantly grasped. This is the first time that we have worked with Apache North Sea and we look forward to developing our relationship with them. Our expertise in this specialist field means we can give Apache viable solutions to meet current and future economics in the Forties Field, using this and other technology to reduce operating costs and increase well production uptime."

He added: "Through our investment in personnel, facilities equipment and good operating systems, we are able to address the market demands and provide a safe, efficient and quality service for our clients. By being allowed the opportunity to open the dialogue with our clients, we are able to demonstrate added value in maintaining and extending the operating life and financial viability of many mature fields in the North Sea and other regions. We are confident of further developing our business in the mature North Sea market at a time when others are looking elsewhere, as we believe there is still a long future here, providing the service companies and operators are striving to achieve a common goal."